After COVID-19

Need some support on how to re-launch your business after COVID-19?

Here are our 5 top tips…

1. First up… safety! This is the most important thing right now. If you have a premises, make sure that a deep clean is conducted before re-opening. Face masks, coverings, gloves and sanitiser should be on-hand for employees, customers and clients as well as protective barriers if necessary.

2. Update the community. Let everyone know that you’re back in business! There are many ways you can do this, such as physical signs and banners that you can use – but the most effective way to do this is via digital marketing. Due to the situation with regards to social distancing, customers and clients are more likely to engage digitally. It’s important to update all of your social media channels with announcements, and depending on your organisation size, a direct mail campaign would also be ideal.

3. Be flexible. Depending on what products/services you offer, you may want to introduce some new ways of delivery – e.g. pick-up/take-away options. For the moment, clients may have a limited budget, so maybe introduce different products and services which would cater for their current needs.

4. Re-budget. Unfortunately, it’s likely that your profits have taken a hit during this pandemic, and it may be necessary to re-budget – at least for the coming months. It’s important to have a bit of breathing room during times of uncertainty. Cut costs accordingly and make sure you research any government support options.

5. and finally… support other local businesses. They are likely to be in the same position as you, and as the saying goes ‘we’re all in this together!’